Calf pull

Playing rugby last week (the first time in quite a while) I felt my right calf muscle tighten and begin to hurt on the inside and some in the middle of the calf. I stretched and worked it all week. It felt better, but today, while playing, it snapped somewhat and I could barely walk. I have iced it all day, andit is getting better – but I want todo what I have to do to get it back to 100%. Please advise – also, should I get one of these braces?Many thanks,George

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    Help! Have pulled my calf muscles 7-8 times over the last 2-3 years while training for marathons of which I have ran two and am currently in training for the 3rd. I ran 14 miles last saturday and pulled my left calf on my very next run the following tuesday. I hate stretching BUT have been religiously stretching out my calves but not much else. Help!


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