Calf strain, lower back pain & tight hamstring and only 18!

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I have a disability called Cerebral palsy, which means that only one side of my body works normally (in my case my weaker side is my right side)
i play alot of sport including playing football for the English FA CP football squad.
my left leg is maybe 1″ longer than the other but i dont know if thats the course of it.
ever since i was 16 (a year after i joined the Cp squad) i started with a tight hamstring, last year before i turned 18 i went to a sports injury clinic to have it sorted & it did work until now.
also just lately i have started having a calf strain (Rupture of the Gastrocnemius or Soleus muscle) which is really hurting and i dont know why.
i also get lower back pain, which i have worked out (thanks to this site) as Spondylolisthesis i think.
If i was to put the pain in order:
the sharpest pain is my lower back, then my calf and then my hamstring.
why do i seem to have all of these problems?
Is it to do with my leg or my disability?
This is really not helping me because i can not train 100% or even work on my fitness at a 100%
any help would be gratefully received.

can anyone help!!


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    thank you for the information, my calf has sorted its self out (as i havent been playing football for ages now) but my back pain isnt getting any better!
    rest is good as long as im curled up so my back isnt straight but if im stood up for a long time or just running it really starts to build up.
    i started my football again on wednesday and after the training my back felt like a over stretched rubber band!
    hollywood60064 said that i need to relax my over worked muscles, how will i know which too relax your should just leave it for the phyio?
    hollywood60064 also said i could be unbalanced how can i correct this?

    thanks again for everyones help



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    Well, unbalancing of the body can often times lead to pain or dysfunction. For example, most times, the pecs are over developed and they will pull your body forward, causing your weaker back muscles trouble. You have two conditions that can very well cause trouble. Both SP and having a shorter leg will cause your body to fight to maintain some sort of mormality. So you will have muscles that are tired from doing their job and other muscles that are tired from assisting (since your body is unbalanced, muscles that are only supposed to assist for a short time and then relax, end up having to do more work then what the muscle was intended to do). Relax the overworked muscles. Find a massage therapist who can help you with this.


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    It sounds like your problem could be one of two things:
    1) Some of the symptoms (i.e. pain in different areas) sound similar to Sciatica.
    2) Sacroiliac joint problem – the joint in the pelvis which stablilises you. I’ve had this and it could low back and hamstring pain.

    My advice is to see a physiotherapist to get a proper diagnosis, but if it is the sacroiliac, I can recommend a product called sacro wedgy. I used it (ordered on the web from America) and it helped me. Here’s the web address:



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