Calf tear

Two years ago I torn my gastroc at the tendon. Whenever I run the leg that I tore the muscle in swells up about an inch larger than the uninjured leg. I stretch before and after I run. I know blood flow is different because of the scar tissue. Is there anything I can do before or during exercise to keep the swelling down? Would cycling lessen the swelling?

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    I have torn my calf a little, it felt just like a hadnt worked the muscle the next day, I never felt anyhting the day of. It was filled with lactic acid and remained that way for a couple of days, which I took of all excersise. I am a competitive skier, so after the storm I rode a bit, the calf doesnt so much hurt but it is burning. like hot burning sensation. its bizarre, I have never had this in all the injuries I have taken over the years. the burn is topical and even in the shower it is almost too much. any ideas? I have been rubbing analgesic, arnica and anti inflammatory on it, but this weird burning sensation is starting to weird me out. any suggestions? pip.


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