Callous painful underneath foot

Maybe it’s coincidental, but since I had a pedicure about a month ago, a callous, that has been on the ball of my left foot for years, has suddenly become painful.
When walking I limp, and when running, I cannot run at 100% since I’m very conscious of the annoying pain when running.
I noticed that on a certain spot is much thicker than the rest, seems spherical, and when I pinch it, it hurts.
I’m not sure if it’s a wart or not. Also, there is no discolouration.
What can be done to alleviate the pain?

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    Hi, I have been getting these really painful large knots in the bottom of both of my feet. It happens at random times and can last for several hours. It makes it really painful to walk and I usually have to stay off my feet until they slowly go down. What us wrong with me? Please help!


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