Calloused Toes

Several years ago I was diagnosed with hammer toes on both feet.
I had both feet surgecally corrected–wearing pins in 6 toes for approximately 6 weeks.
After the healing process, over time I developed calloused skin where the scar tissues was.
What can be done to remove the calloused skin on my toes.
I use the razor callous/corn scrapper.
This seems to make the matter re-occur over time.
I had the surgery hoping I would be rid of any callous/corns on my feet.
It is not my intention to ever have surgery on my feet again.
What can I do at this point?

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    I have been having severe pain and redness around the large toes nail. The area of the redness is around the bottom and inside cuticleof both large nails. It is more severe in the left foot. I have been to my foot doctor and he finally prescribed a Z pac of antibiotics that have not helped at all. It feels hot and red and even hard around the side of the large toe.Any suggestions?

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Yes, you should have it X rayed and treated. Life is too short to limp.


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