Can anyone help or give advice for my achilies????

Im a 17yr old girl from England who Dances 5dayz a week. 3wks ago, I had a sharp pain in the back of my right heel and wonder what I had done to it. My dance teacher(s) has said to me that I have done my achilies tendons in and that I should take it easy. my heal began givin me sharp excursiating (xcuse m3 spellin) pain and got to the stage where I was in tears and was unable to walk properly. I have been to a Physiotherapist and I had various techniques to help speed up the process. Personally I don’t think it has done me any justice but I was reading that riding a BIKE helps to strecth out the tendon which has help me abit and has made my walking alot easier. As im a Ballet Dancer, I haven’t danced for 3/4wks and I’m desperate to go back but can’t risk damagin it anymore. I was wondering if anyone had any useful techniques or information that might help speed up the process of my injury adn get me dancing on my toes agin. PLEASE REPLY SOON.

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    it is very importatnto let it heal properly or you may end up with a rupture…….. I partiall tore mine a few years ago….there ws sharp pain and a bump./ MD said it was partially torn……. I took off 3 whole months of nothing … need to ice it …….my md didn’t even want me to touch it!


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