can anyone help with my back?

I have a pain in the thorasic cage (just at floating ribs)region and the vertebral column.This time it happened as I was out in the shaded cover to check the weather and thereafter I had a fan on my back while working. Can you please tell me what is happening?

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    It sounds like you may have a pulled out rib head, which I have had and know it hurts REALLY bad. A very easy test is to answer this question: does it hurt to breathe? If yes you likely have a rib head out and most DCs have no problem putting it back in, provided they have been taught this procedure. If no pain then you could have something more complex going on. The only real way to tell is to go and get a full exam. Diagnosis by email or internet is not a science and could be full of answers because you don’t know who is answering you. I as you can see am just a student in chiropractic school, but because nobody else was answering I decided to do it myself so there you go.


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