Can anything be done about this?

I have the exact opposite of flat feet: a very high and rigid arch. It causes many different problems such as ankle sprains, wobbly ankles, knee pain, shin pain etc. I wear orthotics but it doesn’t resolve this situation for me. I have been to a podiatrist, who gave me the orthodics. I have been to orthopedic surgeons who don’t help. What can I do to “cure” this once and for all so I can be physically active? I refuse to run when playing sports because of this. The physical therapist also said I had VERY unstable ankles. My foot ALWAYS turns outward and never inward. Thank you.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is no “cure” for your problem that would be simple. Since you state that orthotics failed, There are other types of braces that actually incorporate and ankle brace and orthotic together. One example is the Arizona brace and another is the Ritchie brace. Without seeing your foot, I can’t really tell for sure, but you might discuss this with your podiatrist.


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