Can I ride please?

I did some leg presses earlier this month. A few trips to the gym, a few sets. I didn’t lift more than 400 pds. This is roughly half of what I used to lift when I last lifted seriously, about a year ago.My right knee, however, feels a little funny. It’s been a few weeks and I’m wondering about it. It doesn’t hurt. It just “feels”. It’s almost like a muscle that has been worked out and is slightly sore. I notice it, whereas I never noticed it before. I am planning on going on a 10 day 850 mile bike trek in a few days. I don’t want to damage the knee permanently, if I have hurt it. I also do not want to cancel the ride. I really don’t want to cancel the ride. What I am hoping is that someone can honestly tell me that this “feeling” of the knee is no big deal and that I should go ahead with my ride (while keeping an eye on the knee and not stressing it too much).If, however, this ride would result in permanent knee crippling and perpetual pain, I should probally know. Thank you.

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    Having read through the other results, I thought I should point out that I am 24 and in good shape generally. I am also feeling very foolish for lifting without thinking too much about it. We need to be cautious about these things. I am terribly greatful that I have not been afflicted with some of the difficulties that have hit some of you. My best wishes and sympathy.


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