Can someone plz help?


well it started when i was in china studying at northern china shaolin martial arts academy.
you see they would get a student behind you to hold your back foot flat on the ground in the chinese splits position. then i would have another student holding the other leg extended out in front of me. while this was happening my sifu would put his knee behind my hip so i couldnt move and was told to extend out my arms. he forced me down so much. it was the most pain that i think i have ever been in. others in my group and the rest of the students would have this done once a week or more. every person saidit was extremely painful. we did do stretching before starting a daily training but i believe this is what caused the damage to my groin. the thing is when u are there u dont really norice the pain untill after training. although in my pics i always seem to be hitting my groin to stop the pain. this went on for about 3 weeks when i could not do it no more. every time i would try extending my leg in front and holding that position as every one else in my group would do for warm ups i would have great pain. edventually i went into hospital and they ran tests on me. they did not find much but thought i mght ave pulled a muscle and it got infected. i was on drips 5 times a day b4 my medical insurance company told me to come back to england. once in england went to the doctors but they just told me to rest. now i am going to india in a week. it has been about 8 months since i have been back and i edventually would like to go back to china to continue with my training. in india i am going to have massages every day and hopefully they can help me strecth my legs. i can now do 8 miles every day on the exercise machine without hurting but as soon as i tense my inner thighs i can feel the pull along the side of my hip. from there down to the middle bottom of my groin. the doctors here havent really helped through no fault of there own, so i a going to india to see if i can develop my self more mentally. i will carry on doing my running but my true goal would be to solve this groin problem so i can start stretching again to perform the splits. can anyone who has had this problem please contact me thanks.

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    Your iliopsoas (pronounced ill-ee-oh-so-az) is a muscle group that is very good at hip flexion (bringing your leg out in front of your body). It is located on the “inside” surface of your ilium (hip bone). When you get your massages, let your therapist know the pain you have been experiencing. A good therapist will know techniques to release this muscle. It will be tender & uncomfortable, but let the therapist know if he/she is causing you pain (uncomfortable=good, pain=bad), and he/she will lighten the pressure.


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