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My wife and I have recently had our 10 month old son taken from us by DFACS because he has a spiral fracture to his femur.
We honestly do not have any idea what may have happened to him.
We think he could have gotten his leg caught between the bars in his crib and got stuck while tring to sqirm his way loose.
We also think he could have fallen down the stairs and twisted it as he was descending. Dfacs is claiming that an injury like this couldn’t of happened by accident only by Abuse. Do you think either of these two explinations can be the result of this injury.
Please respond ASAP, Thank You

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    May PT

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    My brother’s baby had a spiral fracture too. They thought he got it caught in his crib and tried to get out. Is there a doctor in your area that would be willing to attest to that happening and you can get your baby back? I’m sorry for what you are going through…must be difficult.


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