Can’t bend wrist

I broke my radius in January.
Had surgery and two pins, pins removed, cast off in March.
Have been going to Occupational Therapy since March and still cannot bend my wrist or turn palm up.
My doctor is now saying he can put me to sleep and bend it for me.
Is this a good idea?
What else can I do?

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    May PT

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    Sounds like you have a contracture. Radial fractures are a real bugger to get full supination (turning the wrist up) as the radius bone actually rotates around the ulna when you turn your palm up and down. Contractures, once formed, are pretty much impossible to stretch out with therapy. The doc wants to put you under anethesia and “break” the scar tissue…the contracture. Then after that agressive therapy and range of motion. I suggest letting him “bend it for you”. Then after that do your range of motion during the day so you don’t form another contracture. Of note…you still may not get full range of motion just due to the typ of fracture you have.


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