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Greetings…I am new to the forum. I have a condition that I cannot figure out and I am hoping that some of you may be able to offer some advice. I have been struggling with various lower leg pains for years now. Here is what happens; usually around mile 2 in my run, my calves tighten up almost to the point of cramping, my shins start to hurt really bad and my feet go completely numb. I have been running for about 6 years now and have completed 2 marathons. After my last marathon, 3 months ago, I decided to let everything heal and have not run since. Then today I went out for a short 2 miler to try to get back into it and all the same pains happened. I have been properly fitted for my shoes and my laces are loose… I have no idea what this could be or where to go from here.

Thanks you for your replies…

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    Does sound a lot like compartment syndrome. Sports massage will help a lot. Can be a nasty little one this so keep it in check.


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    hey joe
    why have fitted shoes?if u have loose laces.u need to tighten your laces,so your foot fits your shoe like a probably need to rest and recover,a little massage with a good aromatic oil would speed up the recovery process.your condition and frustration, is all to common among young athletes of many seems that loose laces are a fashion that is detrimental to potential.good luck, rob


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    Thanks Muscledawg…I think I am off to the Sports Dr. My shoes were properly fitted at a running shop and are in good shape. I had the tread pattern on my old shoes examined as well as my gait prior to figuring out what kind of shoes I require. After doing some research, I am seeing that my symptoms fall under Compartment Syndrome since the injury happens at the same time during my run and my feet both go numb, while my calves and shins tighten up. Leads me to believe the blood vessels are constrictred causing the numbness…I dont know though…



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    Hi Joe,

    Well if I had to guess I’d say that your shoes may fit you well but they are of the wrong design.

    I experienced a problem using shoes with “mega-motion control”. Over-compensating for pronation is just as bad as under-compensating.

    Look at the wear pattern on the bottom of your sneaks. You should see heel strike wear on the outside of the heel, almost no wear in the midfoot, and push-off wear right on the big toe. If the push off wear is displaced toward the little toe you’ve got too much motion control; find a different brand/model of running shoe.

    If you need more help I suggest seeing a sports podiatrist to sort out this problem.

    Good Luck,


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