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I have been given a case study and we are to find the patient’s condition and to assess if strenuous running played a role in her foot pain.
She was coming to the end of a long and strenuous run and started to have severe pain on the bottom of her foot.
She stopped running, sat down and the pain eased some, but did not stop.
She did rest for several days, the pain did not go away and was unable to stand for long periods of time- she is a first year medical student.
Neurological tests show no nerve involvement and is related to the soft tissues on the bottom of her foot.
Radiological tests show no fracture to the bone or joint.
Her foot is normal in temperature, color and size.
There was some tenderness on the bottom of her foot from heel to the heads of the metatarsals, especially anterior to the calcaneal tuberosity.
Is the condition plantar fascia or just typical foot tendonitis?Please help

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From the desription, plantar fasciitis is the likely diagnosis. A diagnostic ultrasound (sonogram) using an 8 or 10 mHz transducer head is what I use in my office to diagnose this very common entity.


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