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Siatic Nerve Damage

My mother, has worked at the Waffle House for about twenty years or so, and while workng there, she has hurt her back repeatdly…and now she has severe siatic nerve damage…and the doctors keep telling her there is now way to get rid of the pain!!!! except to make it feel better she can excersise. How can she do this when she hurts so bad she can hardly move?? Is there anything that can been done???

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siatic nerve

what can I do to eas the pain the doctor has give me pain kills and antyinflamatree and diazepan but I am still in a lot off pain

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SI Joint dysfunction

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I am wondering if the chiropracter I am seeing is up to date on treatment for SI dysfunction. I have been in pain for the past 2 months. I start out fairly normal in the morning, but within in a few hours the pain starts progressing to severe. Burning,pain, and sometimes numbness in my lower back, butttocks, hips, and down the front of my thighs. Sometimes there are shooting pains from my hip down my legs. Went through the usual routine – doctor, pain pills, Naproxen, oral steroids, physical therapy for 1 1/2 months, MRI when the PT failed, and now I am scheuled for cortisone injections next week. The MRI showed a bulging disk, bilateral ligamentum, and facet hypertrophy at L5 – S1. And the same resluts at L3-4. Ligamentum flavum, facet joint hypertrophy, and disc bulging at L4-5. The analysis states that there is no definite nerve root impingement to account for the patient’s right sided radiculopathy.
I decided to try chriopratic treatments while waiting for the pain clinic to schedule the injections. He diagnosed me as having sacroliliac joint dysfunction. I have had 7 visits now. I have not seen any improvement and have started having symptoms in my left hip and leg now and occasionally down the back of my legs now. While doing some research online, I found 3 different sites that stated that the adjustment my doc has been using – side-lying while the doc pulls back on the shoulder and shoves forward and down on the top of the pelvis- will not only NOT help, but will make the joint even more unstable by stretching the long posterior SI ligaments. One of the sites was a site for chiropracters ( Please tell me if this is true – have I caused myself more pain and agony? If this is not the right treatment, what treatment do you use or recommend for SI joint problems?

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