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Chronic Lower right back pain

Hello.My lower back has been in constant pain since late October 2013.
I have visited my Chiropractor 25 times from December 3, 2013 to April 15, 2014.
I have yet to feel any releif at all, even after the visit.
My right hip is noticabely bulging out & lying flat on stomach & flat on back is very painfull.
The Chiropractor in question simply places shocking pads (electrical impuls) for approx. 8-10 min every visit. I need to know what to do next. Being a fit & healthy 25 year old, I am concerned that there is other treatment needed to fix this extremely annoying back pain.

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need chiropractor in the phils.

any one in the philippines

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protruding floating ribs

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My floating ribs on my left side protrude quite a bit from the others.
It is quite noticable if I am lying on my back, and makes lying on my stomach uncomfortable at times.
Primarily, does this indicate a problem? Either way however, is there something I can do to fix it?

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dizziness when turning head and neck

I experience dizziness when I turn my head and neck.My neck and shoulders are constantly tense and painful.Help?

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dislocated rib

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I have a rib that is out of place in my upper back. As a result I have severe muscle spasms from my shoulder to my neck. The only way I can stop the pain is to lay down. My chiropractor will pop it back in and 2 hours later it pops out again. He tells me to just keep coming back and eventually it will stay in. I hope he is right I have had him pop it back in 5 times now within 5 days. Is there anything else I can do? Any help would be appreciated thanks.Lt.

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severe neck pain

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i woke up this morning w/o any problems, but when I bent over 2 pick up an item, my neck made a cracking sound and I was in extreme pain. I can not move my head to the right and just a little to the left. I cannot move it up and down at all w/o another shot of pain. What happened?

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physical therapy for broken ribs?

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I had 3 broken ribs(top three on the left side). It has been six weeks of recovery. Xrays show that one rib is not healing correctly. My doctor is recommending I go to a physical therapist. Is this a usual next step in the healing of broken ribs? Thank you Maureen

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Cracking joints

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Hello, I am 29 year old and all my joints: hip, knees, shoulders, ankle, wrist would crack loud. I am embarrassed by this even when sitting at a dining table and when I get up it make that sound.
When I walk briskly, I hear my hip making a funny sound (creek – creek) However, I never experience any pain. Could you say why and what could be done?
Will I eventually suffer from arthritis? (I am a very active person).anxious.

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Clicking neck

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I have a clicking in my upper neck (where my neck and head meet) whenever I turn my head.
What could this be?

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knee injury related to back pain

1 year ago I was skiing and ended with 2 tibial fractures and a stretched out ACL.
I was in a full leg cast up to my buttocks..making it very hard to sit properly aligned.
Since then I have had one surgery to my ACL and next month I will have an ACL reconstruction.
My question is ever since I borke my leg.. I can not stand straight for longer than 30 minutes without having lower back pain.
If I move around then I am fine…. After standing straight without moving around I can crack my neck and I feel like I need to crack my back because I feel out of line.
Is this problem related to my knee injury? And if so should I see a chiropractor before or after my acl reconstruction? Thank you for your time.. Jessica

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