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Non Weight Bearing Exercises

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Non weight bearing or nil weight bearing or simply NWB is not putting weight on a particular part of the body. Since, weight of the body is primarily born by our legs, the restriction of non weight bearing is generally applied after leg injuries or surgeries. Non weight bearing is more important than any other treatment for proper recovery from leg and knee injuries. Failure to understand the significance of this simple restriction, can lead to disastrous outcomes from even simple fractures or surgeries on the leg. Hence, it is very important to understand what is non weight bearing and follow it religiously to prevent complications.


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Orthopedic Treatment Advice by Specialist Doctor

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This is your authentic source for free orthopedic treatment advice by a specialist doctor – Orthoped. Bones and joints have their peculiar characteristics and diseases. It will be an intriguing and interesting endeavor for me, as a specialist orthopedic doctor to provide you with free orthopedic advice to solve your health problems. Various orthopedic diseases will be discussed along with a detailed but to-the-point explanation of their symptoms and treatment. The need for diagnostic tests and their appropriate timing for accurate results will also be outlined.

Physical therapy forms an important part of recovery from any longstanding orthopedic disease. Even the most skillfully performed surgery by an orthopedic doctor can fail miserably in the absence of physical therapy after surgery. The roles of an orthopedic doctor and physical therapy are similar to a potter and sunlight respectively. A potter (orthopedic doctor) may delicately mold clay (orthopedic patient) into a beautiful pot, but it is only the warmth of sunlight (physical therapy), which bakes them into usable pots (rehabilitated patient). Hence, a brief overview of relevant physical therapy needed for rehabilitation after orthopedic injuries and surgeries will also be included.

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