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Lower Back Trauma

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Has anybody got any information about trigger points re: muscular injuries. It’s been suggested that scarred muscle still in spasm may be the reason for a two year old injury failing to clear up. Anybody any experience of this?

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Hamstring is it cramp or a strain or what?

I have a problem with my left hamstring,when i do a quad stretch my hamstring tightens or cramps up.I play cricket and after bowling 4 overs today i felt my hamstring tighten up the pain is not in the belly of the hamstring but just above the knee(it feels tighter and harder than the right leg) i ice up for hours and the next day i feel fine and can do hamstring stretches but doing the quad stretch i can feel my hamstring tighten or cramp.What is wrong with me can anyone help?

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Calf Muscle Pull/Strain/Tear???????

Hi…..I was playing golf yesterday and, immediately after hitting a tee shot (not a good one!), I felt a severe pain in my right calf. I don’t feel any pain when sitting or lying down, but have to limp in order to walk. I’m currently taking Bextra for a back problem (gosh, it really sounds like I’m a mess, huh?), so, perhaps that may help….????

Anybody ever have a similar injury???? Any suggestions other than to go to the doctor???

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Elbow pain

I am a power lifter for many years. I’venever had trouble deadlifting untill about a year ago. My elbows would be very painfull when I would let the bar down to the ground. I have laid off dead lifts for as long as a year and started again and the pain is back. Help… I saw two orthapedic surgens and one said to operate and then I would be ok and another said don’t do anything??? I can still do pull ups, bench press, I just can’t deadlift without the pain which is terrible. Also, I have build up on the elbow’s, calcification.

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Slight pain on right inner knee

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Have had knee problems before (ITB syndrome) and now use orthotics which have been brill in sorting out that problems. This pain is like a tightness on right inner knee and feels at its worse when I squat right down and tighten muscles in knees. If I press on bone on inner knee just below knee cap I can feel like a brusing pain. I am a runner and have lots of races coming up. Will I make it worse by carrying on running? On a scale of 1 – 10 of pain, it is only about 3.

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Please help decipher these MRI terms!

I had a MRI done on my knee on the 21st of December. After waiting for the doc to call for several days, I finally tried to call him and left messages for two days. I decided to go get the results myself from the MRI place which I did. I still have not received a phone call from my doc, but I did talk to the nurse yesterday. She tried to explain things to me and with the report in front of me, she left out quite a bit which I asked her about. She didn’t know. She set me up with an appointment to see the doc in late Feb. That’s a long time to wait for answers. Can anyone please decipher what this report suggests?

1 Popliteal cyst visible

2. Subtle osteodema along the articular surface of patella

3. Cortical irregularity and chondral thinning

4. Transcondylar injury is present.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again

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