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DEAD LEG- Any one any quick solutions

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Received a dead leg last night training and is extremely sore. Any one and ideas or quick cures. I intend going to a physio, but i suspect he wont be able to cure the problem striaght away. Have a football match tomorrow. I have a funny feeling it wont be better by then.

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Proper way to wrap and massage

How do you wrap injuries to help them? What is the purpose of wrapping? What does it do? Also, how do you do sport massages. I am a student and am becoming a CPT, SNS, CSCS, and a degree in Exercise Science and I just am trying to get a head start. Are there any books

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Stiffness in leg

I race over 800 meters and have been suffering from the following condition over the last year.

I have a stiffness in my right leg. Basicially it affects me all the time when running but becomes very pronounced when i run very fast. Its very hard to describe how it exactly feels but i feel like i have 2 separate legs when running, they feel so different. The harder i run the more chronic it becomes and the leg just stiffens up incredibly badly. I also notice a very slight tingling in my right foot recently as well.

I have received physiotherapy, acupuncture, oesopathy, chiropathy – all to no avail. If anybody can offer can insight into want this could be it would be greatly appreciated.


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Tendon Cut on Wrist

i wanted to get some advice from you guys about recovery time etc…. I cut my wrist with a shattered glass piece while carrying it.. it was a very deep cut.. I am going to go to surgery on monday and they noticed that two of my tendons on my wrist were completely cut.. they are goin to stitch them back together.. i am in little pain and can move my fingers.. i was wondering what is the recovery period of this sort of accident? am i going to be 100% recovered by at least 3 months? Any information would be greatly appreciated.. just want to know what to expect. really sad right now. thank you guys so much..

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Hi, suffered rupture of my right achilles tendon 8 weeks ago whilst running.
No surgery, just placed in 3 casts with varying ankle angles for 6 weeks.
Following release from the final cast I attended my first physio session 1 week later. I was told to loose the crutches at my first session. I was told I could walk on my ankle & drive (Manual transmission car)I have been limping now for 2 weeks (8 weeks since the accident)

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Impact injury – glutes

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To make a long story very short, I fell from about 3′ while moving forward and landed only on my the right side of my bum (lack of a better term).

I can walk fine and have no syptoms I am aware of of any breaks.

The impact was high enough that I did not hit my tail bone.

Visible syptoms are:
-fist sized purple spot where my spine meets my bum. no direct impact or pain associated.
-some swelling where my spine meets my bum. no direct impact or pain associated.
-The area of swelling is warm to the touch and is fairly soft.

The right cheek (impact area):
-nots under skin.
-some aparent loss of sesation to touch.
-apparent muscle pain after sitting for a period of time, 1/2 hour.
-apparently muscle pain when walking up stairs or squatting down.

This has been going on for 4 days.

I have been taking 600mg of Ibuprofen daily and sleeping with the area iced.

I have had several injuries in my life and would typically consider this of minor concern if not for the small bit of swelling at the spine and seeming loss of sensation.

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"Dead Leg"

I sustained a dead leg at pre-season rugby traing last night. Other than R.I.C.E any other treatments or precautions. In all the years i’ve played rugby this is my first dead leg.

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Bruised bone

The Sports Medicine Dr. evaluated the Xrays and MRI and said I have a bruised bone in the top of the knee.Has anyone had this? The Dr. said it’s an injury to the inside of the bone. He told me rest (8 weeks) is the only way to heal the bruise. What I forgot to ask him is what caused it in the first place? When it heals will the bone be just as strong? What can I do to prevent it from happening again?
Has anyone had a bruised bone?
Any help would be appreciated

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Front of knee pain

Hi, the other day I was briskly walking (I do this about four days per week for about two hours) and the front of my knee, to the top right of my kneecap started to really hurt. When I walk up or down the stairs it seems to hurt the most, but if I keep walking on it the pain gradually decreases. It is a bit sore to touch, and I can see a faint bruise. It doesn’t hurt to sit with my knee bent, and so I am not sure if it is Runner’s Knee. Does anyone know what the problem could be, and have any tips on solving it? I also run about twice a week. Thanks for any advice.

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Reptured achillies

i picked up a partical rupture of my right achillies in March whilst on my Work experiacnce placement at a school, i was coaching rugby and my studs got stuck in the ground when i went to tackle somone. i was taken by abulance to my local A&E unit and i was told i had a partical rupture of the achillies and i was to stay on crutches for a week then start getting back into my rugby again. Even thought it was to painful too really put any weight through my right foot i stayed on crutches for the proscribed week, then tried to play a round of golf whilst on holiday in Florida with my dad, i couldnt even steady myself on the 1st Tee so obviously i gave up and sat in the buggy for the remander of the round.
by the time i re-turned to the UK 2 weeks later i was at the point were i could not even stand. but as a sports student i had to try and get back in to sport again. and i decided very stupidly to “get back into sport” by playing squash and pretty much as soon as i got on the court i went to place my foot flat on the floor and my achillies completly ruptured i was in so much pain i was taken to A&E again and they placed it in plaster with my toes pointed for 3 weeks then 2 weeks ago they took that plaster off and placed my foot flat then re-plastered it again. i am confussed as everything i have read says that it should take months for it to heal so why are they just leaving it in plaster for just over a month?? is this going to mean i am at higher risk of doing this injury again?? and is there anything i can do to lessen the risk?? how long will my rehab take. as i am a sports student and i am going to uni to do a degree in sports so i cant afford for this to happen again. should i be requesting that they operate to heal it instead of leaving it in plaster? i will be greatful of any help i can get’

cheers guys

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