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Elbow pain

Two months ago my nephew accidentally slammed the gate of a pickup truck on my elbow. It really hurt bad at first and was black and blue, then the discoloration went away. From time to time it really hurts when I put pressure on it, like when I use the preacher bench for curls? I am assuming it is a bone bruise, how long will this take to heal? The pain comes and goes, but it is painful at times.

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Sachin Tendulkar will be out with his arm injury.

Hello friends, there is something to talk about The Indian Oil Cup (ODI Tri Series) starting on the 30th of July. After a long gap India will be on the cricket pitch again facing the Lankans and the in-form Windies in the three nation ODI tournament starting on July 30th .Sri Lanka has never been a happy hunting ground for either India or the Windies as both of them lag behind the hosts on its homeground. In Sri Lanka, India has won only 9 out of 30 ODIs played and Windies managed to win 2 out of 7 played between them and the Lankans.The hosts will definitely hold the upper hand in the beginning of the Tri Series but both India and West Indies will be giving them the toughest fight possible with the likes of Sehwag, Ganguly, Dravid. I got the latest of informations from a site named . Chanderpaul and his pretty young and inexperienced team is ready to set the ground on fire. It is an eagerly awaited series and possibly sets the tune for the three teams for the long cricket season ahead. Though Sachin Tendulkar is not playing in this series I

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Psychology – Long Term Injury

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I have a shoulder injury that I have been trying to deal with for about a year – a supraspinatus tendinopathy. (In english – a swollen tendon caused by overuse, and in my case bad swimming stroke technique)

I have been seeing a physio at least once a week since September last year. I’ve seen a specialist sports doctor twice.

I thought I was dealing with it pretty well until about 2 months ago. I don’t think i’m getting any improvement at all but I wonder if it’s just in my head?

Motivation is a big issue for me at the moment. I’m a swimmer and I haven’t been allowed to swim for the last few months (the new season starts soon and I’m allowed to start kick training at least). Ever since I had to stop I’ve been promising myself I’d get into the gym so that I was at least doing some form of exercise – but I haven’t done it. I struggle to dredge up enough motivation to do the exercises I’m assigned, some days I just can’t be bothered so I don’t do them (which I know is very bad).

Has anyone else experienced this? How do you deal with it? What strategies/tricks are there for getting my mind past this block?


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Achilles rupture update continued

Continued from previous posting. I’m trying to use the stationary exercise bike but my energy level has been so low that this has been problematic. The alternative of course has been to lie in a vegetative state whilst plugged into my only life support machine, the TV,… not a viable alternative!! So, I better use sheer will power and get on with it.

I’ve read on the internet that I can expect the repaired tendon to actually be stronger than prior to the injury, however my surgeon says the complete opposite. I don’t like the thought of having a weakened achilles tendon particularly given the fact that what I was doing was not strenuous when I injured it. I’m encouraged to know that statistically there is a 4%-6% chance of re-injury. I prefer to think of it as having a 94%-96% chance of NOT re-injuring. I’ve also read that people in their 20s or 30s or more likely to re-injury the same tendon. That may be because they return to much more rigorous activities than someone like me in his mid-fifties( gag that sounds old!!)

Physiotherapy will start in the first week of August. Massage therapy has been a big help so far. I’ve also been encouraged to massage the actual incision itself to keep it pliable.

Based on the way the foot is feeling so far, it seems that healing is going according to plan and that there will not be any complications such as chronic pain, limited range of movement etc. I’m not a really active person so I don’t expect to be doing anything that would put strenous pressure on the tendon. If I can get back to my dancing, brisk walks, and a little golf I’ll be happy. I do worry about the other foot however. I figure if I was able to injury my right one this easily, what’s to stop the other one from going too, given the right circumstances. Oh well, I guess that is a story for another day.

As so many of you have pointed out, patience is the key so whatever you do, don’t rush things or you might be setting yourself up for a major crisis. I will have my walking boot off in a couple of weeks but I don’t expect to be pain free until around Christmas and back to “normal”. This is because of the trauma the whole ankle and foot area has received. There are other tendons, ligaments, blood vessels,and nerves that are all affected as a result of the injury itself and the surgery. Right after surgery my foot was black and blue and swollen like the Michelin Man! The incision itself was ugly. Now, all of this is past and my foot is looking pretty good.

Though I’m tempted, I refuse to put any weight on the injured foot without it being in the walking boot. There is no way I’m going to rush the process. So, follow your surgeon’s suggestions to the letter and ask lots of questions if in doubt. There is a lot of good information on the internet. Good luck to all who have sustained such a miserable injury and I wish you a successful and speedy recovery.

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Achilles Rupture Update

Well, as I mentioned in my last posting, I tore my achilles tendon April 27/05. Surgery was done on April 29th. In 9 days it will be 3 months since I had the surgery. 12 weeks in a cast or walking boot seems to be the norm. I was issued a walking boot and it has been far superior to one of those non-removalable plaster casts. I’ve been able to take this thing off every night and now can actually sleep with it off. During the first several weeks I slept with the thing on because I didn’t want to risk getting up in the middle of the night and forgetting that I wasn’t to put any weight on the injured foot whatsoever. I think I should be okay now. The surgeon made it clear that I was to use the boot for a minimum of 12 weeks. I’ve not tried driving with the boot on but I think I’ll try today or tomorrow. During the first several weeks my foot swelled considerably and edema was very obvious. A compression knee high sock has been a big help. I still feel a lot of discomfort in the ankle area and there is still swelling if I stand for too long. I can move my foot in all directions though there is considerable stiffness. The doctor recommended a stretching exercise which involves taking a long towel, rolling it up and placing my foot in the middle of it and then straightening my leg out above my head for a 10 second count. I do this 10 times daily. I’ll tell you more in the next posting.

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Arm tendon pain

Back in 2004, I had physical therapy on my right forearm just below the elbow and right shoulder. I was told I may have torn my bicep tendon in both places and that I was suffering from tendonosis related to my job (I work on a computer for 8 hours/day for 15 years). I did the therapy, but didn’t seem to get results.

I could feel the tendons in my forearm snap off of each other when I turned my wrist as if unscrewing something. This seemed to be causing the pain, which was so intense at times that it would make me dizzy. I tried wearing a wrap when doing anything even slightly strenuous (hammering, digging, working out, moving furniture etc.) and sometimes it would prevent the pain

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Flexor Tendon Cut

Hey guys wanted to give you an update on my flexor tendon cut..

2 weeks ago I had surgery on my wrist to repair a very deep cut on my wrist during my construction job. They said that I had two of my tendons cut, my artery was lost and my muscle belly was stitched up. Currently I feel great, I am seeing a OT who is seeing me twice a week. My condition right now is that I can type freely using both of my hands and, no pain, I can make a fist, and move my fingers as well. I am just really sad that I can’t lift weights anymore for the upcoming season. Did anyone have any suggestions on the amount of time it takes for flexor tendons to heal, is having my artery cut off going to be a problem in the future, and the muscle belly stitched up what does that mean? I am also wearing a splint that keeps my wrist bent.. taken MSM, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, does this speed up the recovery time? Thank You

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Baker's Cyst or Calf Strain?

I am suspect of my DR dx of Baker’s Cyst. What really would be the difference symptomatically? Had soreness and swelling of one calf (and ankle and foot) x 1 week, then searing pain in calf and on crutches since. Swelling is down, but large round hard, sore area remains on inside of calf.

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DEAD LEG- Any one any quick solutions

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Received a dead leg last night training and is extremely sore. Any one and ideas or quick cures. I intend going to a physio, but i suspect he wont be able to cure the problem striaght away. Have a football match tomorrow. I have a funny feeling it wont be better by then.

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Proper way to wrap and massage

How do you wrap injuries to help them? What is the purpose of wrapping? What does it do? Also, how do you do sport massages. I am a student and am becoming a CPT, SNS, CSCS, and a degree in Exercise Science and I just am trying to get a head start. Are there any books

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