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Knee Pain

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i have had a bad knee for a while but it has gradullay got worse. The pain is in my right knee and usually happens when walking upstairs, running or jumping. The main area of pain is through the middle of the front of my knee cap and feels like a sharp shooting pain. It sometimes leaves me unable to walk! does anyone no what it is????

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Ice & Heat Packs

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Can you Ice for 20 min. and right after that heat for 20 min? My brother has a shoulder injury from gymnasics. He was on high bar and it was a strap bar so he doesn’t fall and he fell the other way. Sort of hard to explain, his arms/shoulders were basically bent really far backwards. We’re going to the hospital in a couple of days but ’till then I need to know.

So anyways, my mom and I are having an arguement and she told him to ice then heal, and i told him just to ice for 20min then off for 20 min, ice for 20 min, etc. Can you PLLZZZ help!!!

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Shin splints or stress fracture

I just finished up my season for collegiate tennis. The season was very long, and there were very few days off. I have not done any running or any tennis for about 12 days now until today. When I tried a light jog today I had the same pain immediatly. The run only lasted about 10-15 minutes and I had the pain throughout. I have pain directly on top of my shin bone right about in the middle of my shin. I however usually do not have pain while walking. The only time I will is after a practice or a run. I didn’t have shin splints before this, and I feel kindof like the pain just popped up. I know they say it is usually a stress fractue if the pain is localized, and I have this, but I feel as though if it were a stres fracture it would hurt while walking. If I try and perform the “hop-test” I will have pain in my shin in the one area immediatly within the first jump or 2. How long do shin splints usually take to heal up. I feel like if it was shin splints it would be gone already. I am just concerned because I do need to start my summer training and there are tournaments coming up. I defintly do not want to be dealing with this next season either…

Any Ideas?

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Calf injury

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I injured my calf muscle playing football, although it was probably caused through overuse. The damage seems to have healed after rest but is still very stiff. Can anyone recommend anything i can try to rehabilitate the muscles and get them back to good working order.
I’m currently doing calf raises, but is there anything else i can try to speed up the process and get my balance back to 100%

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Protruding disc

I am 40 and have been told by my Doctor that I have a protruding disc. (Between L4&L5 I think). I compete in road races and also compete in Kickboxing competitions.( I train everyday) . Whilst I am not immobile I have stopped (unable) to do any trianing for the last three weeks,first symptons about 10 weeks ago) Currently going to a chiropractor and seem to be making progress. Can anybody answer the following questions.

1) When am I likely to be able to train again.

2) Is it save to swim and use a stationery bike at the moment.

3) When I do return to full training ,is the injury likely to return.

4) If I get an operation ,am I likely to have problems when I return to full training.

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated


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Have I gone too far?

Hi everyone,

I sprained my ankle about 9 weeks ago playing basketball (probably 2nd degree). I did see a doctor and he told me to rest.
However, I went back to playing the next week. My competition is weekly, and I haven’t missed a game. So since my injury, my rest pattern has been like 6 days of rest, then playing on a Sunday, then another 6 days of rest, then playing on a Sunday and so on.

I find that it is still a little bit swelled now, and it definitely does not look like my other ankle. I can’t run as fast as I could before nor jump off the sprained ankle. I feel a bit of pain when I try to play.

My question is, have I done some permanent injury to it? Am I going to perform like this for the rest of my life? Will surgery help? What if I start resting from now on? Will that help?

I would greatly appreciate everyone’s input.

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Meniscus or mcl?

about 2 weeks ago i was warming up for a soccer game and i felt something pull or release on the inside of my right knee when i kicked the ball with my instep. it was sore i but i still played in the game. I practiced for the next week with minimal pain and it wasn’t a big deal. Then a week later in our next game it started to hurt again and the next morning i woke up with quite a bit of pain and it hurt to straighted my knee. i have taken the last 4 days off from practice and have started biking which does’t cause too much pain. The pain is more when the foot is in the air during a step…not so much as i step down, although that produces pain as well. the rest seemed to help the pain so am i healed or will it come back when i play? i have another game tomorrow and am planning on trying to play but will i just hurt it more? any advice on what to do or what this could be would be greatly apreciated. i was thinking maybe MCL or meniscus injury. Thank you!

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Sore knee

My left knee inside is sore but only when sleeping or sitting for a while and when I go to move it is sore. If I run (including the London Marathon) I have no pain atall?? I rested for 5 days after London and it is still sore at night and after sitting, help?!

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Stop or Continue?

I have the Bleep Test coming up this Monday, and during my holidays (the past two weeks), I have been exercising (through going cycling, walking or doing an exercise DVD almost every day) to try to prepare myself for it.

I’m quite a small person, I’m short and I don’t weigh very much.

I experienced some pain in my knees a bit over a year ago, so I decided to visit the doctor.

The doctor said that my joints were possibly a bit weak as they had been over used, due to the amount of sports i do.

So i rested and used medication until it was better.

I’ve had slight on and off pain since then.

Today I was doing the DVD, because I have two days left until the test and I wanted to get my fitness up to the best I coudl for the test, but when I started doing squats, my kneecap became so painful I had to stop.

So I walked around a bit, and gradually the pain went. So I tried a squat again, more gently, but the pain came back and my knee became stiff again.

So I’m wondering, considering I have two days left until the test, do I pack in the exercising and try to rest my knee?

The problem is, I really want to be at maximum fitness for the test, as it is important to my grade. I know I shoudln’t compromise my health for one grade, but really this is the last chance I will have at proper exercise before the test and I wonder if maybe I should try it.

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Thigh injury

I did about 22 miles of fell walking over mixed terrain about a 3-4 walks ago. Since then my front lower thigh has been painful to touch. It also feels slightly numb. I don’t experience any pain when I am walking, bending etc. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better, any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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