cervical radiculopathy and elbow pain

I have severe DJD in my cervical spine with spurring, osteophytes, plus 2 bulging and herniated disc, C6/7 an C4/5 with encroachment (osteophytes) on the spinal cord in at least two sites. As a result I have (cervical radiculopathy)carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve problems in both elbow, above, i.e. funny bone area where the nerve is tingling and constant pain. Pressure over this area relieves the pain, but I don’t know what type of orthotic to use which would benefit me especially in the workplace.
I am a medical transcriptionist with heavy work load and risk losing my job because of the pain involved. Any suggestion would be very welcome

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    one word…Chiropractor. I recently suffered a severe injury to my neck. A 300 pound man fell on my head while I was sitting on the ground (weird happenstance while playing football). This tore my neck up and I experienced ALL the symptoms you have described. I was diagnosed with a cervical herniation with radiculopathy down my left arm. The Sports Doctor recommended a traction device, this did nothing for me for a month. For two months I suffered with the pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow. I woke up in the mornings with my shoulder either on fire, or my arm totally numb. My neck and shoulder was in spasm constantly and all the tylenol and Momentum in the world had no impact. Finally I went to the chiropractor.After 2 months of chiropractic manipulation with excercise and electro stimualtion, my pain is gone. Today, I have no pain and am back to working out and living pain free. Good luck.JJ


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