charcot and fissure on bottom of foot

Our 30 year old daughter has fairly advanced charcot marie tooth. She has developed a dangerous (because of exposure to infection) fissure on the bottom of her foot. (She wears braces and the fissure is caused by her regular walking pattern) She has stayed off of her feet for the past two weeks to give it a chance to heal. During the first week she wore a partial cast to facilitate the process. We are wondering if any medical centres specialize in treating this type of opening on the foot – so that it will be fully healed and end risk of infection – and if any one has any suggestions. Many thanks, Harold. PS: (The fissure appears to be healing on the surface – but we are not sure how deep the healing is and the skin around it looks quite vulnerable)

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Wound care specialists and wound care centers might be a suggestion, but I am not sure of locations where you are.Another thought is to call a podiatrist and ask if they treat this problem. Good luck.


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