Chest Cracking Problem

22 years of age, I too have chest cracking, it started about a year ago and hasn’t gone away. I’m a U.S. Marine vet, and was in martial arts all my teen hood and I never had a problem. Before this happened I cracked my knuckles and my lower spine by twisting to the right very fast or push in on my lower spine on my hips. When I twist to the right, I hear a crunch all on my lower half of my spine, and when I push my hips in, I hear one big pop. Shortly after a 6 months of this I started the chest cracking.Sometimes when I don’t crack my chest by arching my back for a while and then I do crack it, I hear multiple little cracks in my chest area. Sometime I try to crack my chest and my left collar bone cracks right at the part where the bone connects to my front chest. At first I did feel pain in the front of my chest at the start of it all but not anymore. I have had x-rays done on my chest and ribs and I haven’t heard from the doc yet. It does bother me because i’m a young guy and I hope I don’t have anything that will effect me when i’m a old man. I know about cracking your knuckles but not your chest. Something is wrong and maybe it has to do with your sholders or your lower spine. IF ANYONE HAS MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL ME!

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    I have a similar problem. Chest pain seems to have started when I arched my back too far in an effort to crack it. Pain is in the lower part of the sternum near xyphoid process. Felt like seperation of cartilage. Combined with a shortness of breath/difficulty breathing deep, it’s become quite annoying. I suppose I’ll try ice and heat and see what happens. Any other suggestions, please e-mail. thx.


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