chest pain – pinched nerve

last week I started having a slight burning or tingling sensation in my right chest area. I was not sure if the sensation was shallow or deep. it’s been a week now and it’s developed into a sharp pain, almost like a knife going into me or a severe pinching in that area. it isn’t constant, but rather comes on sporadically and only lasts a short time. could this be a pinched nerve? I don’t recall doing anything to injure myself, however.

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    Dr. Brian

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    Ann,Have you had a recent cough, or cold? The symptoms you describe are similar to patients that I have seen who have a “subluxated rib.” This is a rib joint/articulation that is slightly out of place. I have been able to adjust these joints, which lead to an immediate resolution of pain. Sometimes the pain returns the next day, but usually a short series of treatments will resolve the problem, as long as the aggravating factor is eliminated (coughing or sneezing).


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