Chest, scapula, ribs?

In December, 2014, I had a cold. I couldn’t sleep because of the coughing and was up for 7 days in a row coughing. Christmas Day I woke up and both of my sides hurt below my arm pits, and my chest was a little sore. Once I had recovered, or so I thought I did, I went bowling, (1/8/05), for the first time in 5 years. I am a right handed bowler, and bowled 5 games in a row. The next day my body ached. All of the pain has disappeared except for the following…My right scapula is tender and sore. The pain radiates to the area under (below) my armpit and around to my chest (above right breast). Also, the muscle in between the scapula and my arm pit is sore. If “I baby” it and not use it and use the heating pad, ice packs, and whirl pool bath tub, then the pain will subside, but doesn’t go away permanently. Two days ago I painted my bathroom and now it hurts again. I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last two years and I stopped going because when I told him about all the pain his response was…Good thing it’s not on the left side”. I started massage therapy. Will this help? Is there anything I can do at home?

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    Hi, I play tennis and I have a similar pain in the ribs/scapula are around the Latissimus dorsi area. It was when I would serve it would hurt and it was almost a poping and tender felling. I’ve been to 2 specialist, one who was a chest guy who did nothing saying I looked healthy. Well I was told that they didn’t know what was wronge and I had tried PT so I decided to play tennis any and to serve even though it hurt. WELL now its worse. I can really feel it pop. I wish someone could help. I’m thinking of a sports specialist.


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