Child has cracked, painful feet!!!

My 7 year old daughter has cracked, peeling feet that cause her quite a bit of pain at times.
The various dr’s I have taken her to say it’s not athlete’s foot, but they don’t actually give her condition a name.
They have prescribed various creams and ointments, but none have worked, and most burn and irritate her broken skin!
This is getting so bad, it hurts her to walk.
My mom says my youngest sister had this condition as a young child and that she eventually outgrew it, but a cream carmol-something seemed to work wonders.
What could this be and what will take it away?
I can’t just ignore this, as it hurts her terribly!
Could her feet be sweating too much or too little?
Could it be a fungus?
Is it related to her eczema?
Has anyone heard of this “carmol” cream?
It hurts her so bad she cries and limps constantly.
The only thing I have found that provides relief is when I apply vaseline at night and wrap her feet in plastic bags.
Once the bags are off and the feet are dry again, the pain returns. Please help!
I am desperate to find something to help her run and play like a normal child!


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