child w/ itchy joints in big toes

My 6 yr old boy is complaining for awhile now about his big toe joints.
He says they “itch” deep inside and it makes him want to crack them.
I started noticing that when standing barefooted he will be bending his toes under “cracking” them repeatedly.
I don’t think he realizes he is doing it during the day.
But last night he was up crying at 1am about it.
I didn’t see any signs of swelling or discoloration and the area was not sensitive to the touch.
He does have a poor immune system and gets sick a lot (sinuses usually).
I was wondering if it would be a form of arthritis…why only those two joints?Any ideas?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Without examining him I can only guess. My initial thought is that he should see a pediatric rheumatologist or internist. From your description of his overall health, he may have some type of inflammatory condition going on.


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