child with mild spinal curve

During my 9 year old daughter’s yearly exam, her pediatrician noticed that her shoulder blades were not even. And upon having my daughter bend over, the doctor then noticed an uneveness in my daughters back (one side appeared a bit higher than the other).
The pediatrician said it could be early scoliosis, so we had my daughter x-rayed.
The radiologist’s report only identified a 5 degree curve, which didn’t sound too bad.
Her pediatrician wants my daughter to have x-rays again in six months to check for prgression.
My question is, would this be something that might improve with chirpratic care? Could seeing a chiropractor help keep any curve from progressing further?
I am not overly worried, but I would like to be proactive just in case we are dealing with something that could progress.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

    9 10

    Dear Jolly I am sorry that I didn’t have time to replay sooner. The sooner you bring your child to a chiropractor the better chance you can stop or correct your childs spinal problem. I suggest you consider a CBP chiropractor or look into the spine corection products.You can look online for our products that can healp your soon. Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale, Curve solutions Team


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