Chilectomy or fusion and Bunionectomy

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Hi Dr!
I am an active young 60 year old woman who likes to walk 2 miles a day. I have osteoarthritis in both big toes, the left being the worse, with a more limited range of motion. I got 2 opinions from two ortho surgeons in the same clinic. One says fusion, one says cheilectomy. I like the cheilectomy idea, for better ROM for continued walking. I have been having knee Muscle/ligament problems and lower back problems which I am sure are related to my favoring the big toes and waking “lateraly” as the doctor put it. With fusion I would think the bad gait would continue. The bunion is a tailor’s bunion on the outside of the foot under the baby toe. I would have that done at the same time. I think if the cheilectomy doesn’t work, I could always have it fused, but wouldn’t that be the last choice?
I also think doing one foot at a time, the worst one would be the best route as not to be so disabled. Don’t you agree? THanks KC


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As a podiatrist, I should point out that sometimes we look at things differently than an orthopedist does. Since I can not see your foot or x-rays, I can not say for sure. If your description of this problem is as wrote wrote, fusing this joint would not be my first choice. I highly recommend you get a copy of your x-rays and get another opinion from a podiatrist.As far as doing one foot at a time, I believe that is personal preference.


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    It will be two years in March that I had a chilectomy. This surgery was done by an ortho and was not succesful in the least. I had more pain then before and I feel the wrong surgery was done. I just this past November 21st had the bone fused and graphed due to so little bone being left, I think that what was needed was actually the joint replaced.. I am wondering whatmy non weight bearing should be and how long it actually takes the bone to graph. It was a cadaver bone that was used.


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