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Hi everyone, first time poster here. I’m 16 years old and a little over two months ago I was playing rugby and within the first 30 seconds went into a ruck (kind of a fight for possession of the ball), felt my left pinky jab into something, came out and it was all bent out of shape. I thought it was just a bad sprain so during a stoppage I taped my pinky and ring finger together and went on playing, the tape came off after a few minutes. This was a senior final game so I wasn’t about to go off because of a pinky so I played the rest of the game. I didn’t want to go to the hospital then because two days later was the high school final game. So I taped it up as best I could for that game and played. I went to the hospital that night and I was told I had a chip fracture on the joint. Not good. The fingers, ligaments etc. specialist fixed me up with a nice boutenaire (spelling?) splint and told me I couldn’t do anything strenuous with it for at least a month and a half and most likely more. I told him there was a rugby trip to Ireland in two weeks and I wasn’t going to miss it because of my pinky. So I went there and played in five games over the period of seven days, came back and it was screwed up a little more but totally worth it.Anyhow, that’s unnecessary background information, I just thought it would be a nice read if you were bored. Basically the doctor wasn’t too impressed and told me to take off the splint. I had extremely limited movement in it at that point (3-4mm bending) but it was looking more or less straight. He told me to start bending and exercising it. Now, as you can see in the pictures it looks worse however I CAN almost make a fist (although it hurts quite a bit). My question is if anyone knows of any exercises or some kind of rehabilitation method to help my finger gain some dexterity. I realize it will never be the same which brings me to my next question: what can I expect? Arthritis maybe? Thanks in advance for any help I may receive and sorry for the long post.Image: sensored://

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    I sustained an avulsion fracture of the proximal medial aspect of the 1st phalanx. radiograph show the chip is well located. what treatment options do I have? This happened 4 days ago and so far I have been icing and resting


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