Chipped and fractured third metatarsal

I had pain in my foot for around 6 months before I decided to get an x-ray. The X-ray revealed I had a series of stress fractures aswell as a chip on the third metatarsal. At the moment I am abroad and can not take any further action. I’m experience discomfort if I walk for more than 5 minutes but due to my current situation I have to be able to run and horse ride. Is there anything I can do to help ease the pressure? What is the treatment for my injury?
Thank you!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It depends on several factors. Your age, activity, needs wants etc. I might immobilize in a cast boot. If that is not available, then even a ast, although that does not permit bathing. If you are unable or unwilling, then a very sturdy lace up boot might help as well. The best thing is to have your foot evaluated and treated. Good luck


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