Chiropractic for Tarsal Tunnel??????

Hi!My podiatrist thinks I may have Tarsal Tunnel due to the tingling and pain in my foot although I wonder if it is my mechanics. I have very high arches and very wide feet. I whear 4E shoes and they are still tight in the width. I have done this for years. I finally wized up and bought 6Es so we’ll see. My Chiropractor says, no mater what…. It will all come down to the right shoes, orthotics, exercises and possible chiropractric adjustments. I know a lady who had tremendous relief from Carpal Tunnel so I am wondering what can be done for Tarsal Tunnel if I have that. If I just have bad mechanics, I’ll just try shoes, orthotics and exercises.So, can a Chiropractic adjustment do a lot for tarsal Tunnel as I have heard it does good things for Carpel Tunnel? I also read about this in a book on nutrition and herbs. The author recommended a chiropractor as well.Thanks!

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    Chiropractic helps similar to the treatment with CTS. I could go on and describe how it works but just don’t have time. You should be able to find this on the net.


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