Chiropractic neck manipulation and stroke questions

Hey well I’ve been seeing a chiro for a while now for neck stiffness and dizzyness, I was told that the problem was in my neck my c1 and c2 vertabra was all misaligned and I was going to the chiro 2 time a week then 1 time a week and now just once a month, however I am slightly worried about the whole controversy of stroke related to neck manipulation, and this last time it kind of hurt when I got adjusted which I know is pretty normal but I don’t know I just have anxiety and it kind of freaks me out well thanks guys.

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    You have a larger chance of having a reaction to taking Motrin or Advil than you do with having a reaction with having neck manipulation done by the skillful hands of a chiropractor. Don’t worry about it but let the doctor know of your concerns and let him or her explain the risks. Risks are very low.


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