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I used a Chiro a few years back for my lower back and neck Sublexation and felt better stopped and now back with a new one in another city..question is did you see gradual improvement or did it take awhile? The last 2 months with my new Chiro I hurt a bunch and feel she is not doing properly or helping? Plus spending $200 a month on this since no insurance and want to make sure it’s worth it? Thx

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    Every DC is different. They could be using a technique that just isn’t working for you. If you don’t feel like you are making progress talk to some friends and find a DC that you are comfortable with and go see that one. Be sure to tell your current DC that it just isn’t working out. They may try a different way that will work. Also some people see gradual improvement and for some it is instant. I just depends on the person.


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