chondromalacia chondral fracture of right knee

damaged knee on Jan. 25,1993, have had two arthroscopicknee surgeries. The last one Feb. 1997.
Having severepain in inside part of kneecap, also with pain in backof knee.
Have basically a “blown” knee and the only option is to wait for knee replacement. Leg cramps becoming more frequent and more severe. Am also experiencing very cold foot(all times) and am having pain in vein above inside ankle. Am not able tosleep nights for severe burning in right knee, and painon inside right ankle in vein.
Pain increases as I amon it more and have less time to rest.
If you can enlighten me on how much more time I havebefore this knee goes, please respond. Also, my right knee cap is starting to move to the in-side of my leg and is noticably twisted-looking.
Mydoctor cannot do much to help, only prescribes inflamation medication and aristicort shots. Cannot take cortisone-steroid into knee as it causes me to have uncontrollable muscle spasms and I lose the function of my leg.
I have allergic reaction to thecortisone-steroid. Am also allergic to demeral.My one problem is that the insurance I have does not cover this injury as it was done before insurance aquired.
Thank you for any info you can give.
Amy Belcher

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    May PT

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    First off, how old are you? If over 65 why wait for the knee replacement? And the question of how long before your knee gives out….does anyone know the answer to that question? I’m sure your doctor said…. I dunno….it’s something that can’t be determined. In the meantime keep the leg strong and your rehab after the total knee will be much easier. … So quad setting, butt squeezed, straight leg raises lying on your back and your side. Standing, keeping the knee straight raise the foot forward, sideways and back, lying on back with legs straight put pillow between knees and squeeze holding for count of five… doing all exercises about 10-20 times daily. Good luck


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