Chronic abdominal / diaphragm cramping during activity


I have had this problem for more than 10 years now. Back when I still had hope in finding a fix for it, I saw several sports medicine doctors, cortisone injection, massage, accupuncture, etc… and all had zero effect.

What I experience feels exactly like a stomach cramp that one would experience after eating/drinking too much before doing a running race. However, my injury is not related to food/drink, etc. Perhaps the most promising diagnosis I have had so far is that of scar tissue in my diaphragm, but I have no clue if this is accurate or not.

The pain is very localized, always in the same spot, perhaps 3 inches right and up from belly button, 2 inches in, right under the start of the rib cage. It comes on EVERY time I enter into an anaerobic state for >10 minutes, for example doing a running race, or even hiking up hills too fast. The pain will grow stronger and remain unless I stop or considerably slow down the activity. If I keep my heart rate and breathing controlled and aerobic, I can go without any pain at all for hours, so it seems to be very related to an anaerobic condition.

Any tips / links? Can anyone recommend a good sports doctor?

Thanks so much

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