chronic achilles tendonitis

I have been suffering with achilles tendonitis since August 03.
I underwent a lateral ankle reconstruction 6 for 2 torn ligaments, was immobilized non-weight bearing for 6 weeks.
I was in physical therapy for 12 weeks over the coarse of the summer with 3 additional weeks to specifically treat my achilles tendonitis for a total of 15 weeks.
I moved across state after being released by my surgeon and was released to work full time w/o any restrictions as a respiratory therapist.
I was told my pain and stiffness would eventually taper off the more active I became and especially since my job demands my walking ability.
I returned to work 9/03.
I became stiffer and stiffer and have a terrible time going up and down stairs due to the stiffness and pain in my achilles tendon.
Then in 10 I experienced what felt like a big kick in the heal right at the insertion of the achilles tendon.
Luckily I was home at the time as my leg gave out and I crashed to the floor in pain.
I called my former podiatrist who told me I needed more PT and referred me to a podiatrist in my new home town.
The podiatrist I saw said my achilles was too tight from all the immobilization and asked me to give another round of PT a try then if that did not work I was to have surgery.
I went through another month of PT in an effort to stretch the achilles tendon with no aval.
I had just started a new job and barely recovered from the last surgery, I wasn’t ready to have surgery again.
Winter arrived along with an early ski season.
I went skiing multiple times throughout the season and always had substantial releif after being in a ski boot for hours.
I would get 2-3 weeks of pain releif after a day of skiing.
I moved back to my old home town and returned to my podiatrist who did the surgery.
I have been through a month of aggressive PT, 2 cortisone injections along with 6 weeks of protective weight bearing and the latest casted and non weight bearing for a week, all with no aval.
I am so stiff and my leg is severely atrophied as I never regained all the muscle mass in my left leg after the surgery and still in pain.
It is most severe at night and first thing in the morning.
I have periods when walking of sharp stabbing pain at the insertion of the achilles tendon, tenderness along the entire tendon with no palable mass or defect, severe muscle spasms in the arch of my foot with any attempt to point my toes, this cause my toes to contract then release once the spasm has stopped, continued generalized achiness and pinching upon flexion of the foot.
I really don’t want another surgery but the pain is getting to be too much and I don’t know what my options are.
Please help


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