chronic achillies tendonitis

I’ve had achillies tendonitis more than a year after the first 9 months it got a little better then got bad again…use a boot and sometimes a wheelchair..doc says it is caused by a huge heel spur and says he would not surgically touch my foot with a “ten foot pole” due to arthritis in all the joints of my foot…tendin has already torn some from the heel and he says eventually it will completely tear and cause foot drop. is there anything I can do?? please help me.. I have seen a podiatrist…ortho and a rhuematologist all say the same

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Since you have seen 3 different specialists, I am going to assume each one has your best medical interests at heart. I also do not have your medical history available, so I am at a disadvantage.
    One consideration is to put you in an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) this would lock the ankle. Many podiatrists make some type of this brace ( Richie brace)


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