Chronic Bilateral Shoulder Pain

I have been in the US Air Force for 5 years. After about a year and a half in, at the age of 20, I started having horrible shoulder pains in both shoulders accompanied by the grating and clicking of the shoulders. I have had 6 MRIs (2 of them being arthroscopic), countless x-rays, and one surgery (for a small labral tear in the right shoulder). That was over 3 years ago and still no one knows what it the cause of my pain nor how to help it. Medicines don’t work, nor do cortisone injections. Is there anything you think I could do to help my pain or maybe figure out what’s wrong with me where others couldn’t?

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    I too have something going on with both of my shoulders.My pain is in my right scapula and down the right side of my back and with the left shoulder, I can’t lift my left arm up all the way and can barely lift it to the side.It’s like my shoulder and arm are fused together at the top of my shoulder. I can’t figure it out. I have had this pain for a year.No one seems to take me serious.
    Did you find out exactly what was wrong? How long did it take to heal?
    Good luck to you.


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