Chronic Calf Muscle Tear

Hello, I play soccer, and a slide-tackle that I made ended up in me not being able to move at all for like 3 mins.
I am a 20 yr. old college student. The injury is in the upper- calf of my right foot and it happened on Jan. 7, 2012. But, I played a lot of soccer up until the summer holidays. I lacked the discipline to restrain myself from playing everytime I felt better. So I never really healed, not totally. Since about a month ago I have rested it alot, but two weeks ago I again discovered that it was weak and inflexible. Please, how can I regain my strenth, stamina, and flexibility in two months? Tryouts are just around the corner.
I can’t go to a doc., I have no money. Thank you so much,desperate Frantz

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