Chronic foot pain at 20 Years old!!

I have chronic foot pain and I’m only 20! I usually wear flipflops with no restricting shoes. Most of the time im barefoot as im inside most of the time. The pain is in the ball of my foot and into my big toe. It began when I was 3 mo. Pregnant and has progressed sice then. I am now 5 months post pardum, and the pain is getting worse. I have tried staying off of it and tha doesn’t seem to help either. What could my problem be and should I go to see a doctor for such a thing. Is there even anything anyone can do about it?

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    there is definately something which can be done, but without an exam from your podiatrist it is very difficult to definately tell you. I would suggest going to see your podiatrist and in the mean time start wearing some more supportive shoes


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