Chronic Hamstring Pain

After running a marathon in October, I seem to have have a chronic hamstring injury. Not a pull, just a dull ache that I’m always aware of. When I try to run it gets worse. Besides not running, does anyone have any advice on treatment? I’ve tried a chiropracter, physio and massage but nothing seems to help. I’m considering Active Release Therapy but am extremely inflexible and am worried it will make me worse. Thanks

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    Definitely try active release therapy. Scar tissue has probably built up in your hamstring and needs to be worked out by either a certified a.r.t. provider or a massage therapist. Also, your inflexibility is probably a huge factor in the injury starting and not going away. When things calm down, work on your overall flexibility, don’t just focus on the hamstrings. Incorporate mild stretching after each workout if possible. Get it treated now and go frequently at first to be sure to get the most out of the therapy. The longer this waits and the longer you keep training on it, the more stubborn it will be to treat. Hope this helps!


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