Chronic Neck Pain

I have had chronic neck pain for about 4 years now. I was a gymnast for many years so that has contributed to my pain. I am only 21 and I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for about a year now and I’ve had an MUA done and deep tissue massages, etc. I stretch everyday but the pain continues. I’ve seen two different doctors about my situation and I recently started getting tension headaches again. (I used to get tension headaches everyday for about 6 months) I thought about doing actupuncture because I am desperate for some relief. What can I do to aid my painful neck?

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Has any Doctor ever viewed an x-ray at your neck from the side.If you have loss of the Normal Neck Curve or Posture displays a foward position. Loss of the Normal neck curve can cause many diffrent symptoms.Look for more answers at your questions online at my web site or give me a call for a free consultation at toll free 877-602-7248


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