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I injured my right wrist(of course I’m right handed!)10 years ago. While picking up one end of a heavy tool chest I felt something on the inside of my wrist pop.Since then I’ve been diagnosed with tendonitus. I had pain off and on over the years but I just did the grin and bear it thing. Accupuncture helped some but mostly nothing worked. Last year the pain flared up again to a very high level and never went back down again. I don’t have carpul tunnel according to the doc. I do have some torn cartiledge in the same area but the doc. doesn’t think that is what’s causing my pain. Can you tell me if tendonitus is supposed to be this painfull? Would an MRI show tendonitus? I have lost my job because I can barely move my hand and cannot write at all. The insurance company thinks there’s nothing wrong with me, how can I prove that there is?!!!

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    Hi donnaI had a cyst develop on lt wrist end of may, ruptured beginning of carpal tunnel symptoms as I continued working.. in sept ended up off of work with chronic pain, saw surgeon who then refered me to plastice surgeon, who then refered to neurologist..had nerve conduction studies done..negative…bloodwork for gout and RA ..negative…. am now being sent to a rheumatologist because 30% can go undiagnosed with bloodwork…suggestion of chronic tendonitis if tests come back negative.
    I have experience sparking pain from wrist into tips of fingers as well as up my arm, at times loss of motor function of fingers, decreased sensativity, pain in palm of hand probably insertion point of the tendon…push down or pull have pain in palm radiates into back of wrist…have had fumble fingers…and of course…swelling in the top..have had pain radiate up arm to shoulder..night pain…decreased sleep…increased pain after use…morning stiffness…sometimes feels like sausage fingers..but swelling mostly in using ice, hand brace some anti inflammatories along with tylenol…an antidepressant… and a nerve pill…along with glucosamine..etc.//From what I have discovered with research…doctors…other fellow workers…am a nurse… That you can have carpal tunnel symptoms with tendonitis. and the pain can get bad…if you have pain at night keeping you up with the use of a supportive device….lack of sleep…causes increased pain..with more lack of sleep…you are unable to cope. and the cycle so begins… There is hope with a proper diagnosis..with everything explored….personally I think it could be a leaking ganglion cyst along with tendonitis of the wrist…and chronic pain


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