Chronic R Shoulder Pain

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43 years old and still play baseball. However, my r shoulder will not heal. I’ve seen the doctor several times. Received shot of cortisone (or something similar) in the back side of my shoulder–it helped some. But the pain is located on the front head of the humorus. When i pitch and really load up the arm and let go of the ball, my hand rotates out and that causes severe pain down my arm. The pain is actually worse if i play a position and have extended periods of time in between throws.
I’ve had an MRI–the diagnosis was TENDONOSIS (he called it a thickening of the tendon)
I’ve done all the rotator exercises for months–they have not worked. The only thing that provides some relief is stretching.
Doctor wants to take another MRI.
When i showed him the exact spot of pain, he said pain is not a reliable indicator.

It’s been almost one year of “diagnosing” with not much relief. I thought a second shot in the front of the shoulder would help, but doctor says it is too soon for more cortisone.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas or direction.

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    “I’ve had an MRI–the diagnosis was TENDONOSIS (he called it a thickening of the tendon)”

    What tendon?

    Pain in the anterior aspect of the proximal humerus, with the mechanism that you described as causing the pain, throwing a ball with a lateral rotation, sounds like it could be bicipital tendonitis.

    Beware of cortisone injections unless absolutely necessary as cortisone slowly destroys connective tissues and muddies up MRI’s.

    Rest, rest, rest, and ice it if you have to throw!

    Posterior deltoids, rhomboids, teres minor, teres major, and infraspinatus should all be addressed.

    Also, try some scapular stabilizing exercises that target depression and retraction of the scapula.

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    Hi Scott,

    Well your doc is right to a point, pain is not generally a reliable indicator of where the problem might be if it isn’t localized.

    I’d guess based on your description that the pain can be triggered by pressing deeply into the front of the ball of your shoulder sort of under your deltoid. And that you feel pain when your finger get down to the bone.

    If so you may have a sprained shoulder capsule. The shoulder joint is surrounded by ligaments creating the joint “capsule” and these ligaments can become stretched leading to pain. MRI probably won’t show this kind of problem and even if it does most docs I dont think are looking for it.

    SO what do to? Well I went through PT and cortisone (with similar results to your experience) but what helped ALOT was prolotherapy.

    Prolotherapy is an injection technique which uses irritants like glucose, B-12 and sometimes even pumice to cause the structure to “heal” by depositing more collagen in the injection neighborhood. Much like putting a grain of sand in an oyster to culture a pearl, the prolo stimulates growth of new tissue regenerating the ligament or tendon.

    There are not many doc skilled in its administration but you should ask around of orthopods, and especially osteopaths (DOs) to find someone practice at it.

    The results are almost instantaneous. You may require a series of injections depending on the laxity of the ligament.

    Hope that helps,


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    I am not a medical personel so this is a unqualified opinion. It sounds as if you have a partial tear that was not picked up on the orginal MRI. Having another MRI (at a different MRI site) might show this. Some tears will not heal themselves and require surgery. If the second MRI reveals just some inflammation…they will probably recommend anti-inflamation medication and rest. Also, you want want to consider a rigerous rehabiliation with bands and light weights before throwing the ball again.


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