Cold foot, fire hot toes

My husband fell down a flight of 8 stairs 3 days ago.
He went to his physician who did an x-ray- got the results today. No fractures in toes or foot per 1 x-ray.
Every toe but big toe is black,blue, and purple- extending onto to top of foot. His whole foot is very cold to touch, but has good capillary refill in toenail beds.
This coldness is not improving and now he feels a “fire” feeling in his toes.
His physicians office nurse told him that this is a normal feeling with healing.
I am a nurse and I do not believe this is normal- what do you think?
We have an HMO so I can’t just get him an appointment with an ortho or podiatrist.
He is a healthy 32 yr old active male with no medical problems. I don’t want him to end up with a serious problem-like losing a foot. HELP!!!


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