coldness and pain in lower half of legs

Since birth of my son 10 mths ago, my lower legs from knees down have been in pain and coldness.
It’s funny when there not in pain, its cold and when their in pain, its not cold.
I was very athletic before my son was born but now I’m not. It does seem like walking does make it feel somewhat better.
I gained 35 lbs with my pregnancy and I was very skinny before I got pregnant and had lower back pains all of my life but now that seems to have subsided which is very strange.
I tried to run the other night and legs are very weak which scares me.
I have been to several doctors but never to a chiropractor. Any idea what this could be and what doctor I should seek. Oh, also, since the pregnancy, I have occasional muscle twitching throughout the body which I also never had before the pregnancy. Any idea what this could be???


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