Collapsed metatarsels

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I keep getting severe shooting pain in my left metatarsels. I have been told that the metatarsel arch has collapsed. it ususally comes about if I have been sitting or standing still and then get up or move. It goes away after a while but remains tender for a day. It is increasing in frequency and my doctor says you have to live with it. Can anyone suggest a treatment – should I have an X-ray in case it is a fracture. Or is it age (54) – sob. thanks


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is not enough information to give you a good answer. One thing I would consider though if I were to examine you is a possible Morton’s neuroma. This would not show up on an x-ray.


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    I had surgery last summer to remove heel spur and release fascia tendon. I was told to go easy on starting my walking program again. I still have foot pain but its on the top of foot and around ankle, some tingling. Foot surgeon now says I have extremely flatfoot and wants to do more surgery to realign arch and put pins in it. I walk now with limp as I’m still trying find a ‘balance’ point between walking for exercise and inactivity to not stress the foot. I wear custom-made orthotics, heel lifts and sneakers 12 hours a day and sleep with a night splint on foot. Is there anything else short of surgery that could be done for this injured foot? Or is surgery really the only thing to be done and I just live with whatever happens?


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