Collapsing knee

I injured my knee skiing last year and it seemed to have healed until I went trampolining when it collapsed sideways and inwards. Now I can’t trust it at all and it could giveway at any given moment. Now I am unable to kneel as it feels like the ligament on the inside gets caught on something and when I try to stand up it pops off, this is painful and the more often it happens the sorer my knee becomes. I am English and as yet don’t have health insurance. Any answers as to how I could treat it myself and if not what do I need to do and roughly how much will it cost. Help this just seems to be getting more and more painful!

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    What type of brace is best if my knee keeps collapsing inwards.
    I am still working out and the stairmaster doesn’t hurt me, but am I doing more damage even if a specific type of exersise doesn’t hurt.
    I am fairly convinced that I have injured the medial ligament. Will it get better on its own, how do I make it tighter. If it’s torn will it mesh back together on its own. Please someone help I know absolutely nothing about what has happened to me and I afraid to lead with it in any way as when it goes it is excruciating…


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