collar bone injury

My 19 year old son crashed snowboarding the first week of January and dislocated his right collar bone at the shoulder. He was told by the Doctor that it could be reatached if he wanted it to be, but was not nessisary. Well with no insurance he had to go with it. The first of Feb. he went into the military. When he left he knew he was not 100% but felt good. While at basic training he had to do lots of pushups and chinups etc. He over used it. Know he says his right arm is going knum.
Military doctors are known for not knowing, and all they can say is they don’t know why, but it must be related to the injury. Well they are going to release him from the military for 6 months to heal. He had no trouble with knumness befor. I hope it will heal right. Is there anything he can do to help it heal phisical theropy wise. Ironicly he was going to become a phisical theripist in the military.

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    my son jacobi dislocated his collar bone also. they told us that we could put it in a stabilizer and let it hela or sergery but I just think he is to young to have that kind of sergery. he is only 11.


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