Compartment Syndrome

Hi, I have compartment syndrome in both legs. I had a facsia release on my right leg but the compartment syndrome came right back even worse. But now the outside of my feet and my ankles are killing me as well as having the pain from the pressure in my leg from compartment syndrome. What kind of stuff would a physical therapist be able to do to ease my pain from the compartment syndrome and how many times a week would I need to go to them. Also what’s causing my ankle and foot to be killing me? Thanks

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    I was diagnosed in 1985 with compartment syndrome. I had a Doctor go in to do surgery, but he found that I have an extra muscle in both legs. I since then have been a driver with Fed Ex for 14 yrs and am actually on diability due to Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I was wondering if you know about the Mayo Clinic or maybe the Hughston Clinic for help. I went to the Hughston Clinic in 1985… Thanks


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